For a fortnight

I believe it’s been 14 straight days since I’ve been thinking about someone particular. Truth be told, I don’t know how this person got into my mind. I just let things be. Sometimes, or more than often, I would entertain a thought or two about this person. Whenever I do so I always end up diverted to a particular dream that I’ve had for quite a time.

tumblr_nlsj3hi97w1smipnlo1_540Wishful thoughts turned into potential goals. As I could not go living a day without thinking of this dream, I decided to take baby steps to reach it, in ways available to me. Creating this blog is one of them.

I could go further and farther to reach this dream but there are just a lot of things to think about and consider. I can’t just abandon things and the present that easily so I have to take calculated risks, banking on what’s always been said. Don’t stop dreaming.

♫ Demi Lovato – Don’t Forget 


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