I’ve been into an activity that reminds me of my dream, which I thought I’ve put on hold. I did put it on hold but as I keep doing this “activity” I find myself longing for more.

Will there be an opportunity for me? Will the heavens be on my side? Will it be kind and let me have this dream?

If I’d be asked how I see my self in three to five years and more, if I were to answer that truthfully, my heart will be shattered into pieces. For my dream is too grand. It’s so massive I don’t know how to get started. I know I would be needing the right people and the right time. But then, will I ever have both? It seems to me like the heavens are denying me these.

Truth be told, I can’t see myself doing anything else but this dream. There’s no even “in three years” but only right away.

For years, as I look back, the dream has been there. Silenced. Thus, I am silenced as well. It feels like I’m going down the road of destruction because I can’t see my dream except in my head.

They say believe. I say though that I am running out of time. I am losing the drive to take a step out the door and do something else. I might as well vanish now.

♫ Lyn – Back in Time ♫


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